Traveler Soul

The aim of Traveler Soul is to show the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth, the result of millions of years of evolution, and to do so in a different, more relaxed tone, which, though still remaining educational, offers viewers a new way of discovering the incredible heritage accumulated over many centuries of life on our Planet.
Traveler Soul is aimed at people between the ages of four and ninety-four.
Through the thirteen, 23-minutes episodes that comprise the series, we recover the language of fable to explain, with irony and humour, the complex, often contradictory relationship between Man and Nature in the home we all share, the Earth.
Let us learn to enjoy ourselves, getting to know Nature and learning how to conserve it. 
Each one of the 13 episodes of Traveller Soul has a common structure, taking viewers on a journey to seven different places around the Planet. Seven documentaries, each one lasting three minutes, linked by the voice of an indefatigable traveller, a globetrotter whose ironic vision combines objective information with personal reflections. The pace is fast, with editing and music to match.
The scripts are written in such a way that these seven thematic blocks are interrelated, thus guaranteeing the continuity of each programme.


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