Traveler Soul | Chapter 2

The aim of TRAVELER SOUL is to show the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth

Planet Doc

The result of millions of years of evolution, and to do so in a different, more relaxed tone, which, though still remaining educational, offers viewers a new way of discovering the incredible heritage accumulated over many centuries of life on our Planet.

In this chapter we will travell to;
Australia, to know the brush-turkey, or pouched talegalla 01:07
North of Benin, to the National Park of Pendjari home of the Bariba and Betamaribe tribes
Cuba's mangroves
Kuelap in Peru, the City of the Clouds, where Chapapoyas lived
Villafáfila in Spain, visited by migratory birds like the bustard
Papua New Guinea, to visit the tribe known as the Asaro mud men
Cenotes in Cuba

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