Tigers & Men: Deadly War | Full Documentary

Full documentary about the deadly war between tigers and men due to the illegal trafficking of parts of this feline.

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A Russian village receives the inspection of the police and anti-poaching patrol. It seems to have been an attack by a tiger prowling around the village. The blood on the ground confirms that the tiger has attacked a human. The patrol follow the tiger tracks in the woods. In the end they found the bloodied body of the person who was attacked by the tiger. It confirms what they most feared: the tiger has killed a man.
Tiger attacks on humans are extremely rare, but even if they do to eat. But it seems that this tiger has become a man-eater and now, the mission of the patrol becomes find and kill the tiger.

This is the story of a fight to the death. A battle between men that will decide the future of the tigers. Without time for long-term plans, only direct action can halt the otherwise inevitable extinction. It is a war with innocent victims on both sides, an international struggle in which tigers and men die as a result of the immoral greed of invisible traffickers who run the illegal trade in the different parts of the tiger.
This is, in short, the story of one species’ fight to save another, of man against his dark side, of the belated attempt of one super-predator to help another, who he has brought to the very edge of extinction.

The actions to protect the tigers have gradually changed since the first alarms were raised, approximately two centuries ago. Since then, the defenders of the tigers have seen how the problems that threaten this feline have diversified and the battle fronts of this war have multiplied.
Promoted by the Indian Wildlife Protection Society, this demonstration seeks to make the public aware of the terrible problem of the international trade in ivory and tiger bones. The main threats are no longer hunting for pleasure or the fur market. The demand of traditional Chinese medicine is decimating the populations in Russia and India, now that the number of Chinese tigers has fallen so much that they are considered an irrecoverable subspecies. Countries like China, North Korea or Japan permit, to a greater or lesser extent, the trafficking in parts of the tiger and new threats appear every time a battle is won in this endless war; a war that began over one hundred years ago.

From Asia Minor to South East Asia, eight subspecies of tigers shared the world with us. Today, only five remain. In the course of two centuries, man has decimated the tiger populations. The species of Bali, Java and the Caspian disappeared forever. Of the five remaining subspecies, one, the Chinese, is irremediably condemned to extinction. And today, without local tigers, traditional Chinese medicine looks to the tigers of India and, above all, those of neighbouring Russia, where there is little control, for supplies that could, in just a few years, wipe out the Amur tiger or the Siberian tiger.
In Russia, India, Indochina or any of the other countries that still have tigers, the situation of the tigers of the world is so alarming that constant monitoring by the guards is necessary.
With international funds, the Siberian Tiger Project is fighting against this illegal traffic. While the scientists investigate in order to create an appropriate conservation plan, new patrols and new teams are joining the fight to save the tiger.

Despite all the efforts, all the subspecies of tiger continue inexorably down the path towards extinction. And the battle is far from over.
Perhaps in the world we are creating there is no room for the power, the greatness and the freedom of this lord of the jungle. But for many people, the world, and mankind itself would suffer an irreplaceable loss if we were to lose these magnificent felines forever.


Tiger attak... by Claudio Gennari  available under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence 2.0 at https://www.flickr.com/photos/claudiogennari/3186012706/

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