Zulu Tribe. A warrior people

We enter the history and customs of the African tribe of Zulu, people known for its legendary warrior character.

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The Zulu are an African tribe living in a region known as Zululand. The Zulus live in huts and are organized in clans that are composed of several families.
Polygamy is still practiced. The dowry or lobola, as it is called in their language, is four or five cows for a middle-class girl and about 20 cows for the chief’s daughter. The women of this tribe are naked in the village. 

It's above all a warrior nation that settled in these lands fighting and defeating "anyone who got in their way".

The domes are reproductions of ancient villages, a very ingenious form of "intertwined" architecture.

"Zulu" means "heaven". Legend has it that Zulu was the favorite son of a shepherding couple that one day decided to stay home with his family and their cattle, and thus Zululand was born.

Ancient traditions and beliefs are still observed in rural areas. Zulus are organized into patriarchal clans that worship just one God, Nkulunkulu, the Creator.

Zulus invented numerous war tactics and were unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat.  The "closed ranks tactic" kept the British at check that systematically resisted being defeated by such a horde of savages. In 1897 the English army was able to overcome them.

Nowadays Zulus commemorate their ancient prowess and their warrior character through singing and dancing.

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