Tribe Sexy Dances

A tribe of Papua performed dances of seduction and courtship to find a husband.

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The Tolai women of Papua New Guinea perform courtship sexy dances to men of other clans choose the woman he will marry.

This is the call that heralds the beginning of a new dance in a Tolai village in Papua New Guinea.

From the end of the harvest until the first rains come, new suitors perform courtship dances.

Dances will last several weeks and move from village to village, as the Tolai are exogamous: they cannot marry within the same clan.

Tolai women put on their best clothes and decorate themselves with symbols of their clans so as to be better identified.

At the end of the courtship period, suitors have chosen their potential wives.

But their choices have to pass one final step: the blessing of parents and of the council of elders, which will specify both the dowry and the payment period.

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