Tourism vs Extinction (Full Documentary)

Thanks to the money income left by ecological tourism, conservation projects can be financed for the most endangered species around the world

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A different kind of tourism is spreading around the entire world.
These new travellers go in search of re-encounters with nature, feeling the ancestral pull of our origins, the irresistible call of virgin lands.

New infrastructure opens up many of these places to eco-tourism, allowing children and the elderly to also enjoy them.
Every day, new natural areas are opened up to tourism.

Former areas of hunting and deforestation are now visited by nature lovers, who finance their conservation. And travellers can approach species that just a few years ago they would have believed to be dangerous and fearsome.

The income earned from ecological tourism goes beyond the new conservation.
The new eco-tourism projects also take into consideration the local native communities, who are given priority in their management. From these communities come the guides and guards of the reserves, the owners of the accommodation in which the tourists stay, the craftsmen who sell them souvenirs…Sources of income that have changed the attitude of local people. Former poachers have become reserve wardens and those who were forced to burn and cut down in order to obtain a miserable harvest now watch over the forest that feeds their community, and are paid to do so. 

Now, we know that the protection of our environment, of our ecology, is a global task in which all living beings and their surroundings are inter-related and inter-dependent. Every individual is important, each species is unique and unrepeatable, and each ecosystem is a complicated structure enabling life to continue.  

Winds of hope are blowing for nature which stands on the very edge of the abyss.
And a common, promising future is now opening up for the last natural sanctuaries and their inhabitants, including the most controversial and adaptable species of all, the only one that has the capacity to correct its mistakes: us, human beings.

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