Wild Wolves Hunting | HD Documentary

Wild wolves merge into shadow, and the undergrowth becomes a battlefield where after stalking herds of deer, the weakest succumb.

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Planet Doc

The wild wolf, at the top of the food chain, is the natural predator.

This exceptional carnivore is a social animal of extraordinary adaptability and cunning. Impeccably led by an alpha male, the pack of wolves works together, stalking deer herds, on the lookout for any signs of fatigue or illness: this individual will become the target.

Contrary to popular belief, domestic livestock is not part of the wolf’s natural menu: a pack in good condition much prefers wild grazers. And the wolf is the only natural predator of wild boars, deer and foxes, so it is a fundamental and crucial link in any ecosystem to which it belongs.

Tactical and tireless pursuit... until at last the weakest succumbs. At night fall, the inhabitants of the scrubland merge into shadow, and the undergrowth becomes a battlefield, a place of life and death. 

All group members pf wild wolves take part in the hunt, but when it comes to mealtime, a strict social hierarchy is followed: gestures of power and submission, lead to angry exchanges, breaking the tense silence of the night. 

Only when the alpha male has eaten will he allow the rest to sit at the banquet.

Gestures of submission in his companion are enough to appease the battle-hardened leader of the pack: if she behaves well, she will be the next to get her share of the spoils.

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