Trip Around the World

We travel around the world to know seven incredible places of our planet. 

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We started our trip in bolivia where we discovered Tiahuanaco, an ancient civilization that emerged on the shores of Lake Titicaca.
Then we travel to Monfragüe National Park in the Iberian Peninsula where the black vulture and the griffon vultures are our main protagonists because they are the largest scavengers that inhabit Spain.
From there we go to Borneo Island, the third largest on the planet, there are developed very characteristic plants as carnivorous plants.
Then we travel to India to meet the Asiatic lion, a great predator that shares territory with local people in the area.
We take a plane and go to Africa where the Betamaribe, one of the most primitive peoples of West Africa, live in mud houses made with their own hands.
From here we move to Indonesia, the place where the a dangerous animal  inhabits, the Komodo dragon, it has become the greatest threat to the inhabitants of the island.
Finally we return to Africa, but this time to the Sahara desert to attend a traditional Saharawi wedding.

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