Tasmania | The House of the Devil

Tasmania continues to be the home of this creepy demon who terrorized the first settlers of the island.

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Tasmania is today the last refuge of ancient wildlife in Australia.  As it is an island, the dingoes were never able to reach here; and because it is mountainous, much of the land was of no interest to the farmers.
In the depths of the jungles, you can still hear the growls of the devil that terrified the first colonists.
The Tasmanian devils, along with many other animals who sought refuge here, survive in the thick humid vegetation, hidden in the dark of the night. 

Why Tasmanian Devils don't became extinct?
They managed to escape the almost certainly tragic fate of the Tasmanian tiger, thanks to a number of factors. First of all, humans do not want their fur, because of its terrible smell; the fur industry chose rather to persecute the possums, like this ring-tailed individual.

Their meat, of course, was also immediately rejected, for the same reasons, though it was considered good enough for the convicts.  And, moreover, what the white man produced in perhaps greater quantity than anything else – dead bodies – was precisely what the devils liked to eat.
First the Tasmanian tigers, then the dingoes, now the kangaroos and wallabies; an endless menu which modern Australia served up to them, thereby helping them to avoid following the impressive Tasmanian tiger into extinction.

What happen when two of them appear in the same place?
His incredibly developed sense of smell has led this male here. But the body has already been found by another devil, who tries to hide it from his competitor. 
When the Tasmanian devils gather around a dead body, everyone in the jungle knows what is about to happen.
They immediately begin their famous growls.
Very soon, other devils approach, from kilometres around, attracted by so much noise, and join in the feast.  So, they have to eat quickly.
The din, the grotesque noises, heard from a distance in the dense jungle, literally made the hairs of those first colonists stand on end.  They locked themselves inside their houses, petrified, imagining horrific scenes, the enormous monsters.
The phenomenon exists for a good reason.  The dissuasive effect of these grunts protected relatively small animals like the devils from attack by other, larger predators, such as the Tasmanian tigers.  Its an almost perfect bluff, the strategy is to intimidate, and as they are still with us, it obviously works.

If you’ve got a hungry stomach, this land is the right place to be.
Weighing almost twelve kilogrammes, an adult male is capable of eating up to a quarter of his weight at a single sitting. They devour even the bones, thanks to their powerful jaws, which can even crack a sheep skull.
No one ever claimed they were good–natured when it comes to eating.

The fact is, Tasmania is still the house of the devil.
Now, almost in the 21st century, a number of biologists are still searching for the Tasmanian tiger in the jungles of this mysterious island. Every year, someone claims to have caught a fleeting glimpse of one, but no one has yet been able to provide convincing evidence.
Many questions could be answered if a living survivor was found; perhaps unknown physiological data, which would help us to better understand our own organism or perhaps simply we would enjoy the pleasure of being reunited with an old friend we thought lost forever.
Some of the strange appearances of unidentified animals, which could be Tasmanian tigers, have been filmed, and sent to specialists, who watch them closely over and over again, trying to make out some unequivocal feature of the anatomy of the marsupial.
It’s possible that they’re still out there somewhere, and perhaps it would be better if they were never found.
They are probably safer remaining a legend, rather than coming back to life, but Tasmania misses them..
The ancient misty island, which so many sailors sailed past without seeing, still contains hidden corners which have never been visited; complex labyrinths among the mountains provide hope that one will be found alive.  But the natural habitat of the marsupial wolves is not the jungle.  They would have come here only if forced to, and if any did survive, it is possible they would not live long in these unfamiliar surroundings. 

The secret remains hidden on this island of timid devils and ghost tigers, the final refuge of the spirit of Gondwana

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