The Great Global Tribe 3

The human being after populating the Earth completely has created colonies to live in what he calls cities. We waste energy of all types, a capital sin in the wild world in which we develop as a species. The great global tribe has conquered everyone.

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In its seemingly unstoppable progress, the dominant cultural current on the planet is responsible for the vast majority of cases of dispossessed human groups. These people are Huaoranis, they live in the tropical forests of Ecuador, but are being mercilessly attacked by the “Great Global Tribe”. 
The big cities need oil; in them, everyone lives at one end of the city but works at the opposite end, and every day, they create enormous traffic jams which consume millions of barrels of crude oil. Many of these barrels come from here. Beneath the ancestral lands of the Huaorani lies oil which has not been extracted – yet.

In the middle of the 1960s, oil was discovered in eastern Ecuador. As this mineral wealth is exploited, networks of routes and roads, helicopter landing bases and facilities for the workers are built. Explosives are detonated every one hundred metres for the seismic analyses, and finally the wells are opened, each one of them damaging some 15 hectares of jungle in the process. 
The rivers and the subsoil are contaminated with sulphates, cyanide and mercury. 
But even worse, if possible, is the destruction of cultures such as that of the Huaorani, who are “invited” to move to prefabricated houses and cede their lands for oil extraction. 

The once proud warriors of the jungle are now strange hybrid figures wearing feathers and tracksuits. The oldest yearn for their old way of life, but they will soon die, and the young born in the settlements will simply add to the numbers of the world’s dispossessed.

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