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The human being after populating the Earth completely has created colonies to live in what he calls cities. We waste energy of all types, a capital sin in the wild world in which we develop as a species. The great global tribe has conquered everyone.

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Once they had populated the entire earth, human beings created colonies in which to live, which they called cities. 
These are artificial landscapes created by invention and culture, supposedly designed to meet the needs of Homo sapiens.
The most advanced countries are proud of their great cities, in which science, technology and commerce are concentrated.

Several generations of human beings have now been born and have grown up in this man-made environment in which they feel safe because everything is for sale - if you can afford it. 
The victors of the system have increasingly broken their biological links and believe themselves to be free from their limitations as primates.

But the system also has its losers. In order to feed these great urban monsters, an enormous supply network has been created, covering the entire planet. In the new jungles of concrete and glass live millions of neo-carnivores who demand provisions each day and will accept no failure in the supply chain. 

We use enormous quantities of energy of all types, a deadly sin in the wild, where we developed as a species. 

Our animal nature often can take it no longer, and needs to get away, see a tree, do some physical activity, return to what we really are. 
The Great Global Tribe has conquered all others.
We have gone too fast, our success as a species has been such that not everyone can keep up. So-called modern civilisation waits for no one. Natural selection has been transformed into social selection, while the old clans now have the names of banks. 
The dominant social current takes no prisoners; you are either part of the system, or you are an outcast, living at the margins.
The price is starting to become too high, the side effects are all too frequent: somewhere along the line, we perhaps lost our way.
On our planet, there are many ways of living on the edge, and many circumstances which create beings with their own rules. 
Fortunately, now in the 21st century, there still remain some human populations whose way of life corresponds to the original forms of their ancient culture. 

Is this the price we have to pay in order to maintain the so-called “welfare society”? Perhaps too high a price. 
Nature has taught us that such imbalances will, sooner or later, turn against us all. 
Perhaps the outcasts will disappear first, but in the end the system will collapse in any case if we don’t remedy the situation in time.

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