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We traveled to ivory coast to know the way of life of the senufo tribe.

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The Senufo live in Ivory Coast, Mali and Burkina Faso. This ethnic group is one that best preserves its culture and traditions.
The economy of this tribe is mainly based on agriculture, but more and more they are raising animals, especially goats and pigs, as a source of food. 
Senufo society is notable for its concept of community: society is valued more highly than the individual, and what good for society is always more important than what is good for the individual.
Settlements are quite large compared with other ethnic groups, and different clans and lineages live together.
Women are the fundamental pillar in this society, and their power is comparable to that of men in terms of decision-making; in the day-to-day, they are also responsible for housework and childcare.
Dogs are essential to the Senufo people, to protect them from possible attacks from the outside. They wear collars in case of attack by creatures from the forest.
Within the village, it is essential that each clan has a fetish house where masks and religious statues are kept.

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