Santería (Regla de Ochá)

Olga is afraid of men make fun of her, for this reason take place a bloody sacrifice ceremony decided by supreme god Olofi.

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Santería is to Cuba what Vodoo is to Haiti or Umbanda to Brazil.

Officiating priests are called babalaos and lead the sacrifices. Dressed in white, they deal with cases like that of Olga, who is afraid of men that make fun of her. 
In this ceremony, it is the oracle of Ochú, God of creation, that divines. Two coconuts are thrown to the ground and the interpretation varies depending on which way up they land. It is the supreme god Olofi who will finally decide if a sacrifice is to be made.

Approval is given, and with the permission of the gods, a chicken is decapitated as an offering.

Its bloody death may take one life, but serves to feed a new one, full of energy, based on spiritual protection. All this happens within the supernatural order of hidden forces and magic santería.

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