Falcon | Deadly Hunter

The peregrine falcon hunting prey plummeting over them at high speed.

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The peregrine falcon is deadly hunter. It usually attacks from a great height, diving vertically at vertiginous speeds. The falcon is
the fastest animal on planet Earth. In dizzying chases that exceed 300km/h the falcon literally sweeps its prey out of the skies. 
Nothing goes unnoticed by the extraordinary eyesight of this “heavenly peregrine”, which takes full advantage of any open space.
Birds on the wing become the object of its well-planned aerial ambushes.

But on this occasion, it has detected a target on its perch, so flies low and out of view, picking up speed without betraying its presence until as close as possible.
With a cruising speed of over 100km/h, any victim that senses danger and tries to escape will do so too late: a final sprint, and the pigeon is taken with no resistance.

Thumbnail: ramon castellanos - halcón peregrino (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0), Flickr

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