Owl Hunting

The owl is the real master, lord of the night forest because it has a extraordinary night vision

Planet Doc

In this documentary we see the attack of the eagle owl.  
The extraordinary power of this raptor is awesome: cloaked in darkness, able to face the toughest of adversaries, falling on them like a ghostly shadow.

With the dusk, diurnal species look for a refuge to rest for the night.
This unsuspecting pair of mallard ducks has no idea they are being observed: the most feared of nocturnal predators waits for the arrival of its ally, the night, before it launching its resounding attack. 
The eagle owl does not usually hunt ducks, but this pair has aroused the curiosity of a young owl which has recently flown the nest.
Its ability to see in total darkness gives this large predator a perfect watching weapon. The serrated edges of its feathers make it almost inaudible in flight. So by the time its victim is aware of his presence, 
it’s already too late.
Until it´ll establishes his own breeding territory, it will roam the forest, learning to hunt a variety of prey, and becoming a super predator feared by all.

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