Octopus Facts - Nocturnal Hunter

Cephalopods are great nocturnal hunters thanks to his extraordinary vision and ability to catch prey.

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Octopus facts documentary. This extraordinary animal has a incredible skills with which it can hunt any prey. The octopus is a nocturnal hunter that uses all its senses, and its skill and cunning to procure food.
In addition to their powerful suckers, octopuses use their mantle like a net to trap potential victims while their tentacles search every hole for something to eat. They have extraordinary eyesight – they can even see a good distance in total darkness – and so plan their stratagems and lightning attacks with care. 

Once it locates and identifies a potential prey, this octopus knows it must be both cautious and determined if it is to surprise a crab before it hides in the relative safety of its shell.

And now the real battle, one of patience, skill and strength, begins. The hermit crab has managed to retreat into its mobile fortress, but this young octopus will try by all means possible to find a weak spot, or a hole through which it can get hold of its prey and pull it out.
Despite extraordinary dexterity and persistence, this octopus still lacks either the strength or the expertise o come out on top this time. When fully grown, it will be much easier to extract these stubborn crustaceans from their shells.

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