Man with Supernatural Powers

A sorcerer uses his supernatural powers to remove an evil spirit from the body of a woman.

Planet Doc

For the Zulus of South Africa, there is one man with supernatural powers who is fundamental to the welfare of the community because is capable of performing exorcisms. He is the Sangoma, a sorcerer, an enigmatic character whose role is to heal people spiritually, see into past, present and future, and communicate with spirits.
A woman needs magic to expel an evil spirit, and it is in the spirit doctor’s powers to cure her by exorcism. 
No one doubts the Sangoma will succeed, as he communicates with the other side through his supernatural powers and works miracles.
Highly respected for his wisdom, he guides his people by reading the bones of dead animals.

His hut is a kind of outdoor clinic, filled with sacred amulets: when someone approaches his spiritual throne for healing, the secret knowledge handed down orally over centuries from generation to generation guides him.

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