Living in the jungle. Sanema Tribe

The sanema tribe lives naked in contact with nature in Brazil forest. Women and men show their naked body without shame despite the influence of the missions that try to impose their ideas.

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Planet Doc

In the Sanema villages there is always a communal covered area where most of the social life of the brasil amazonic tribe takes place. In the morning, it is customary for the Sanema women to gather here, to paint their faces and bodies with clan or esoteric designs.  
Another of the usual communal activities is delousing. Almost constantly, the women comb through each other's hair in search of these tiny parasites. When they catch one, the kill it with their teeth and eat it. There's no accounting for taste.

Here, illness has a religious significance, as the source lies in magic and spells. So, apart form the potions and ointments with which they treat the ill, the shamans must travel to the other world, the country of the spirits, to receive their advice. They are the only ones capable of undoing the spells. They have to ingest large doses of sacona, which makes them salivate profusely. The journey they must go on to find their gods and ask their questions is very long. The ritual chants and the rhythmic movements are efficient means of leaving their bodies, transcending to the world beyond, to open the door which allows their consciousness to enter a different reality. 

Here ends our fascinating journey across the Guayana Massif in Venezuela, and back in time with the Sanema Indians. Perhaps now, those who have followed us feel the same need as we do, the need to protect this unique world which is in danger of being lost forever.

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