The game of life

Does the Earth have an expiration date? Degradation is undeniable. Every year the climate change and water shortages, among other disasters, will cause the loss of 10,000 to 50,000 species.

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Extremadura is located in the south of Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a region of contrasts where 2,400-meter mountain tops blend with landscapes so diverse as the meadow, the Mediterranean forest, fertile valleys, wetlands and never-ending plains. This land is the ideal place to contemplate nature’s daily rhythm. Thousands of species of insects, reptiles, birds and mammals live in this wild paradise under the laws of nature.

The game of life has a wonderful dramatic quality and reflects a basic natural law- to live or to die, to eat or to be eaten- a concept neither primitive nor cruel. It is good from a realistic viewpoint because it serves life itself, a life that begins at ground level
This is the true story of life and death where the animals have only two goals, survive and procreate to maintain always-pounding game of life.

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