Kuelap Ancient City of Peru

Kuelap is an ancient city located in Peru. It is a fortress where the Chachapoyas Indians lived. 

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The city of Kuelap is built in stone at 3,000 meters high. The wall that surrounds it has a length of 600 meters and inside it we find old buildings, mostly circular and with pointed roofs.

The Lords of the Abyss were Indians of fair complexion and perfect, brave and daring traits, according to the chroniclers. Only the Incas managed to conquer them, but not fighting, but cutting off the supply of water and food to the fort. And yet it took months to surrender …

As we approach the innermost enclaves of the Chachapoyas and their cliffside tombs, the atmosphere turns otherworldly… and funereal… 
More than 100 mummies have been found at the sacred mountain cliffs of La Petaca. The atmosphere here is surreal.
The mummies are perfectly preserved, if a mummy can be considered perfect that is.
The sarcophagi of Karajia contain many Chachapoya mummies. The secrets of these statues that gaze off into space are another mystery that has yet to be explained.

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