Killer Whales Hunting

The main predator of the elephant seal is the killer whale

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The elephant seal is one of only a few carnivorous mammals adapted to aquatic life.
Measuring up to six meters and weighing four tons, the males fight bloody battles to gain dominance over the highest number of females: it seems they are invincible on land, but in the water, it is a very different story.
Their main predators are white sharks and killer whales.
This elephant seal has no idea what is coming.
A killer whale attacks the elephant seal, but does not kill it.
This is because the mother whale is to be joined by two of her young, and so begins their training.
The mother whale remains close by, ready to intervene when seal tries to escape from the youngsters.
The adult whale drags the seal down, but never executes the death blow: instead, the seals bleeds out slowly, which allows the training to last longer.
This practice is essential for young killer whales; the species also hunts by patrolling the shores of beaches, but this is a very dangerous tactic, as the risk of being stranded is high.
Once the exercise has finished, mother and offspring take the victim out to sea so the adult male can feed.

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