Indian Rhinoceros (Unicorn)

The Indian rhino has physical characteristics that make it very different from other species of rhinos

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The Indian rhino (unicorn) is a species that seems to have come from the very age of the dinosaurs.
Its characteristic skin folds and single horn make it very different from other species of rhinoceros. 
In the past, its layered skin was used to make warriors’ shields, and its horn has always been linked to traditional Asian medicine: these are among the reasons that this rhino has been endangered for many decades. 
It spends most time in watering holes and lakes.
It is an essentially solitary animal, and tends to be very aggressive, even with its own kind.
The resilience of its skin means it has no predators, and only the young will, rarely, have to face a tiger.
The reason for its possible imminent extinction is, as always, hunting by man.

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