Hunters and Predators of the Planet

Hunters and predators of the planet is a documentary in which we travel every corner of the world in search of any method of hunting and predation on the part of any living being that inhabits in the nature.

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Both animals and humans have developed skills, from the origins of life, to feed themselves by becoming survivors of planet earth.
Obtaining energy is a basic and fundamental process for the survival of a living being and therefore, from the beginning of life on earth homo sapiens had to develop as a hunter and animals as great predators.

4:11 The success of mankind as a thinking predator began in relatively recent times. Long before us, other animals honed their hunting techniques, aided by natural selection, a slow but surprisingly efficient process.

8:57  On the Guyana massif, in the south of Venezuela, live ancient ethnic groups who have inhabited the Amazon forest for over 3,000 years. The Sanema, the Yecuanas or Makiritare know that this particular liana contains a very special substance. They call them barbasco, and after cutting them, they carefully crush them to extract the sap. 
They are two completely different ethnic groups, but they have in common a profound knowledge of the jungle in which they live.

11:45 In any case, the ultimate aim of all processes has not changed in the slightest. It is a question of eating the body of another animal in such a way that the effort is worth it, that the final energy balance is positive.

12:54 In the Amazon forest live some of the most famous assassins of all. 
Predation means catching with violence, the only language that evolution has taught the felines like this ocelot, one of the dozens of species of highly specialised predators that live on earth.

15: 17 Throughout the world, homo sapiens found a way to kill more and better, which made him the perfect predator. 
Man hunts in large groups, in a coordinated manner, with a vast knowledge of the behaviour of other animals. 

19:28 The bushmen have been in the Kalahari desert, for at least six thousand years. Bushmen hunt with arrows that they make and also use a deadly poison.

22:00 The great predator, the triumph of the brain over the claw and the hoof. Fresh meat, energy to enable the body to function, the essence of life. And of death.

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