Hunters: Golden Eagle

In Mongolia we find eagles hunting foxes and wolves when they arrive the first snows of winter. 

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Planet Doc

The hunting season begins for falconers.
The Kazakhs must wait for the winter to begin to hunt, as this will give time for their eagles to breed and raise their young.
They usually take up position on the peaks after riding for hours: from here they can survey more territory than from down in the plains; and it is from here they will launch their eagles.
The first potential prey appears.
Now it's just a question of releasing the birds and letting them do their job.
The golden eagle pursues its prey, a fox.
The sheer size of this apex predator means that this fox has no chance of escape.
And although the fox struggles, even biting its aggressor, the accurate blows of the eagle’s huge talons bring the fox’s end quickly.

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