Cuttlefish | Nocturnal Predator

The cuttlefish camouflage with their surroundings allows it haunt their prey without being seen.

Planet Doc


Cuttlefish are fearsome nocturnal predators that ferociously attack and kill much larger adversaries.
At nightfall, these sea creatures display an extraordinary tactical arsenal that allows them to eat without being eaten.

Camouflaged perfectly with its surroundings thanks to chromatophores that allow them to change color in milliseconds they sweep the seabed in search of a victim.

The cephalopod family has extraordinary eyesight, and cuttlefish in particular has the sharpest polarized vision in the animal kingdom, allowing it to distinguish even apparently perfectly camouflaged prey.
After launching itself at extraordinary speed towards its prey, its two extendable tentacles 
accurately immobilize a flounder caught with its other 8 arms, shorter, more robust and armed with powerful suction cups. Cuttlefish then devours is meal with its strong beak like a parrots, characteristic of the cephalopods.

Its own life depends on ending that of its meal quickly: if it draws too much attention to itself, it will in turn be on the menu of other predators. 
So cuttlefish camouflage is its life-preserver, both when hunting, and when avoiding being hunted.

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