Ablation. African Customs

In Africa they continue customs and ancestral traditions such as ablation or removal of the clitoris girls.

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A celebration that lasts a day and a night commemorates a year since several girls underwent ablation, or female genital mutilation.
Ablation is the removal of the clitoris, and girls who undergo this process are denied any sexual pleasure for the rest of their lives.
The celebrations are presided over by the elder females, dressed in white as the protective spirits command them.
Female genital mutilation is still practiced in many African countries, even though it can on occasions lead to death.
With these dances the girls in question demonstrate everything they have learned during the past year. 
Every gesture, every movement, every tattoo, their costumes, everything has its symbolism.
Any girl who has not been initiated, either by own desire or that of her family, will live on the fringe of society, set apart as a pariah.
It is the elder and middle-aged females who themselves have already suffered this barbarous act who endorse and defend this atrocity.
Many African governments are in favour of prohibiting it, but in these societies, where customs are so ingrained, nobody wants or dares to carry out the ban.

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