The Unicorn of India. The Legend

We traveled to the border of India with Nepal, where began the legend of a creature able to attract people from around the world: the indian rhinoceros
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We traveled to the border of India with Nepal, where began the legend of a creature able to attract people from around the world:
The Unicorn India.
An incredible animal with a horn on its forehead, which can cure the ills of poor people who share ground with him.
We follow the traces of this myth built 20 centuries ago crossing a jungle inhabited by wild creatures among which stands out one, the unicorn and is now known as the Indian rhinoceros, a unique species with enormous power on his forehead.

The central massif of the Himalayas presides over the landscape of Nepal, a constant presence which also occupies the majority of its territory. But, further down, the secret forests of this part of the world conceal the most ancient of all legends. 
The human settlers of these valleys have had to find ways to survive on these sheer slopes. Their terraced fields look directly over the forests below, a superb vantage point from which to survey the jungle of the unicorn. 

The legend lives here; the magical creature with a single horn, spoken of in countless cultures, emerging from the mists of time, the most sought-after mystery. 
But this animal has long been cursed, and time has not changed that. In the twenty-first century it is still hunted, for the power that grows on its forehead. 

We are going to enter the enchanted forest, the birthplace of the legend ON THE TRACKS OF THE UNICORN.

Along the border between Nepal and India, there runs a strip of rainforests which alternate with the meadows of the lowlands. Open jungle whose floor, rich in pasture, provides food for many species of herbivores. Large deer such as the sambars are the food of the king of the shadows. 

The presence of the Bengal tiger means the herbivores of the jungle must constantly be on the alert. Danger is ever-present. 
The pattern of the skin of this great feline forms part of the landscape, as it hunts for the meat it needs to maintain its almost 300 kilos of striped body. 
But the tiger is not the only giant of these forests. On the intense green ground there is an animal which not even he would dare attack. The gaur. Weighing one thousand kilos, it is the largest wild bovine in the world. A ton of bad temper, standing up to two metres tall. The gaurs are not only have nothing to fear from the tigers, but will even trample them down if one crosses the path of the herd. 

A less violent way to escape from the tiger is to climb up into the higher levels of the jungle. That is precisely what the langurs do. In India, these animals are sacred, as, in their religion, they are related to the monkey god Hanuman. These primates are exclusively vegetarian, specialised in the consumption of leaves. Such a poor diet that they are forced to be constantly on the move across the roof of the jungle, in search of a decent tree.


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