The Borneo Orangutan

The orangutan lives on the island of Borneo, Indonesia, and is in danger of extinction due to deforestation.

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Orangutan, the man of the forest, live mainly in Borneo, one of the largest and lushest island on the planet.
 It is one of the most powerful primates in the world, weighing almost 120 kilos and reaching up to two meters tall.
With its highly developed front limbs, which when extended can reach up to 3 meters, and its much smaller hind limbs, the orangutan spends most of its time in the treetops.
Its food is mostly tender leaves and fungi, but it especially likes fruit, and knows exactly where and when each tree has mature fruit.
Due to deforestation, the orangutan population has been severely reduced in recent years; now, however, that trend is being slowed, thanks to conservation programs.

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