Sanema Women. The Mountain of Mystery

The Sanema women collect fruits and firewood in the forest, grow, cook and care for younger children.

Planet Doc

The sanema women live naked in contact with nature in Venezuela forest.

Women and men show their naked body without shame despite the influence of the missions that try to impose their ideas.

The women are in charge of growing and harvesting the crops. The manioc is a bush of the euphorbia family, between one and two metres high, which develops very large roots in the form of fleshy tubers. They are very nutritious, due to the quantity of starch they contain.

They are addicted to tobacco. Both men and women take on a fierce appearance as they place a thick wad of tobacco between the lower lip and the gums. Like so many other things that are communal among the Sanema, the wads of tobacco are happily passed from mouth to mouth.

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