Sanema. Isolated Amazon Tribe.

Sanema Tribe as never seen before! Amazing documentary about this isolated amazon tribe.

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In Amazon river, we had our first encounter with the Sanema, a nomad tribe which had split off from the Yanomamis, "The Fierce People", as they were unjustly named by the North American anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon. 

This amazon tribe live isolated in the rainforest, and are not ashamed of show their naked bodies. 
Though they are a hunter tribe, they also grow some crops, essentially bananas and manioc, which, along with the proteins they obtain from hunting and fishing, make up their diet.
The Sanema women are responsible for the majority of domestic tasks: they gather fruit and firewood in the forest, work the land, cook and look after the younger children. The men spend almost all their time hunting and occasionally fishing in the streams near the village. 

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