Tribe hunting in the amazon jungle

The Huaorani tribe live in the Amazonian jungles of Ecuador. 

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This tribe get their food hunting monkeys and other animals that are in the jungle.
Experts in the life of forest plants, they have extensive knowledge of hallucinogens, medicines and poisons.
Their ability to extract from the curare plant the poison they use to tip their blowgun darts is highly advanced.
Guided by the sound of Chorongo monkeys, they venture into the jungle: with their blowguns they can reach the treetops where their main food source is found.
If a hunted monkey does not fall, the men will climb up to where the corpse is. 
The Huaorani also fish using mullein as a poison: they put it into the water and need only wait a few minutes to catch the fish.
Returning to the village with their catch, the monkeys go on the fire and will be eaten the same day, as the Huaorani have no way of preserving the meat.

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