Iguana Documentary

Galapagos iguanas have adapted to the characteristics of the environment they inhabit and have become great swimmers.

Planet Doc

They are excellent swimmers, their long, powerful tails helping them dive up to 12 meters into the water where they find their main food source: seaweed.

They are also equipped with large claws and efficient teeth, both of which they use to get at the seaweed between the rocks.

But as the water is too cold for them to spend much time in it, Galapagos Iguanas gather in groups and sit peacefully in the sun until their body reaches an acceptable temperature.

Instead of expelling salt via the kidneys in their urine, as other species in this region do, the Galapagos iguana way has a more curious way of doing so: sneezing!

The Galapagos Islands are the only place this kind of lizard is found.

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