Drugged tribe | Hallucinogen Yopo

Sanema, almost naked, sniff yopo, a natural hallucinogenic substance that helps them fully merge with the jungle.

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Planet Doc

Yopo is a hallucinogenic substance naturally extracted from the seeds of a legume in the jungles of Venezuela. The tribe Sanema snorts yopo as a natural drug. Naked, with only a loincloth start dancing, jumping and banging like a hug.

Yopo or sakona is a hallucinogen that is sniffed by the nose through a reed, the effects of the drug is a tingling and then they feel possessed by drugs. This drug does not create addition, it helps them to fully merge with the jungle and they get to see the spirits of the forest.

The Sanema need to become their totem animal: this way, they feel protected.

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