Lizards of Madagascar

The Parson is the largest chameleon in the world and lives in the jungles of Madagascar.

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Half of the chameleon species that exist in the world live in Madagascar.
The chameleon is a lizard that loves to climb trees, so they’re definitely in their element in forests and jungles. 
Their prehensile tails help them to climb from tree to tree and they can remain completely motionless if they want to go unnoticed. 

They are well camouflaged hunters who can stand absolutely still and reach out with their sticky tongues to capture their prey if it lets down its guard for even a moment… There are physiological and psychological explanations for the chameleons’ famous ability to change colour. They can change in response to the temperature, when night turns to day, if they’re angry or if they notice a female who may want to keep them company.

Two male Parson’s chameleons have ended up on the same branch. They have no claws and their teeth aren’t much to brag about, so they use their nasal appendages to set things straight. They battle with their noses, but no grave damage is done…

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