Tibetan culture

We are in Ladakh, a place full of Tibetan culture where Buddhists practice meditation to worship Buddha

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At the foot of the Kunlun Mountains in the Himalayas, within the Indian state of Kashmir, is Ladakh. Here, Tibetan culture permeates every corner. Tibetan Buddhists practice meditation to worship Buddha,  a man who after mindfulness meditation achieved an illuminative state (nirvana) 2,500 years ago. And so these monks meditate as he did, in the hope of achieving the virtues of goodness and wisdom. 

The monastery door open, the music of gongs and strident trumpets
fusing with the repetitive swirling prayers emanating from the mills for meditation and relax.
The pungent smell of yak butter drifts up from the sacred enclosure, impregnating every room; the repetitive echo of mantras fill the air. In the shadows of the central chamber, monks and faithful pray: only candlelight pierces the darkness 
where they worship Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.

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