Asiatic Lion

We traveled to India to meet the Asiatic lion and observe their main differences with the African lion.

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We are in the Northwest of India, in a large reserve called Gir, where the lions, live in harmony with our species. Here man quietly shares the territory with the big cats.

The Asian lion and the African lion are different.
The Asian is maller and his mane less impressive; His behavior with man ... is also different.In addition to the mane, there are other differences: the African lion takes advantage of the hunt of the females, while the Asian lion seeks its food. These lions hunt specially buffaloes.
The Maldharis do not carry weapons, at most they carry a stick, and with it they walk leisurely among the lions, with their cattle ...
Females do not usually attack domestic livestock; They hunt wild boars and chitales or antelopes, and it is very rare that they attack the buffalo.
The number of buffalo that kill males varies, depending on whether there are more or less wild herbivores. Hunting a buffalo means more meat with the same effort. Men assume it, they know that "for there to be peace", the lions have to eat.

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